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As we have seen in class computers and other forms of  multimedia  are more than just electronic devices. If used properly  they can be helpful teaching tools. 

Presentation Tools

Here we will look at how to make our class presentations more intersting we will explore some tools to help us do just that.  After watching the ppt presentation go on to the following link      to see how we can make our presentations more exciting. At the end of the presentation you will find some questions please make a short presentation with the answers to the questions.

Collaborative Tools

Some Web
2.0 tools are about creating; some are about sharing. Many do both. And while some can be neatly placed into
categories like Images, Video or Presentation Tools, many span several
categories at once. What we want is interaction we want students to share. 

Video Editing and Sharing

Video is a great tool to share the content of a lesson or to make a homework fun. A video recording device is in the palm of our students hands and a video can make for a great project too.

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